Restoration Update – Advance Tree Removal Works

Message from the Lightwoods Park Project Officer:

The project team working on the Heritage Lottery Funded Lightwoods Park and House Restoration Project are proposing to do some works in advance of the main restoration contract, namely advance tree works. These tree works will be taking place in Lightwoods Park over the winter of 2013. The advance tree works which have been indentified will not only help with the fluidity of the main contract (when work is forecast to start in autumn 2014), it will also help protect Lightwoods House and the boundary walls and reduce further structural damage to our assets.

There is a ‘Proposed Advance Tree Removal Works’ drawing which you can view here. It can also be seen in the new project specific information board in the park which is near the bandstand. The red numbers on the drawing relate to the tree tags so if you visit the park you can see exactly which trees will be removed in the Shakespeare Garden, the horticultural yard and the walled fenceline along the bus station boundary.

Please note these works may appear dramatic, particularly in the Shakespeare Garden and around the boundary of the horticultural yard but I must reiterate that the removal of these trees are for the good of the house structure, walls and for the new proposed wall along the boundary of the Shakespeare Garden. All of the proposed works were identified on the masterplan document which was shared during consultations and submitted as part of the Round 2 bid to the lottery. As per this bid document there will be further removal works necessary however, these will be carried out under the main contract as will the replanting of native trees, shrubs and plants to offset the tree removals.

If you have any queries about any of the above please email me via

Kind regards,


Project Officer

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3 Responses to Restoration Update – Advance Tree Removal Works

  1. Keith Bracey says:


    Hi, don’t forget what I said about keeping metre-high tree trunks or parts of the felled trees thereof to be carved into ‘Bearwood Bears’ like they used to be by Native Americans for Totem Poles etc etc…..

    They had some nice examples at Martineau Gardens opposite The Priory Hospital (next to the Edgbaston Priory Tennis Club) as you approach Edgbaston Cricket Ground from Church Road by the University of Birmingham Halls of Residence if you wanted to see them in all their Ursine Glory?

    The Bears had been created by a local artist using a chainsaw .

    I am sure the people at Martineau Gardens would give you his/her name if you contact them….just Google: ‘Martineau Gardens, Edgbaston for a phone number…..

    MG is a 2 acre ‘wilderness’ in the heart of the city 2 miles from Birmingham City Centre near to the University along the A38 Bristol Road, near to where the former Martineau Teacher’s Centre used to be….

    Its well worth a visit as its free to enter and has a woodland walk, birding hides, badgers, foxes, squirrels and wildlife and birds you would not expect to see 2 miles from any City Centre, never mind in Edgbaston in Brummagem……

    Go visit!!!!! I did and its brill!!!!

    Brummie Bracey AKA Keith Bracey, Local Writer, Broadcaster (on Sports Radio Birmingham) and Historian

  2. Cherie O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for your message – I will certainly go and visit!

    I am hoping to include some timber carving in the park as part of the project but not using these trees. They are coming out as they are either decaying or are causing problems to the structure of the house or boundary walls or are running where a new wall will be created e.g. along the fenceline in the Shakespeare Garden where a wall will replace the fence to create a truly ‘walled’ garden.

    Many thanks,


  3. Keith Bracey says:

    Thanks Cherie….I went off on one in my enthusiasm for ‘Bearwood’s Bears’……….Sorry! Keith Bracey

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