Lightwoods Plans

Cherie has had a number of enquiries about the plans for Lightwoods Park and House. Hopefully the documents you can download here will help provide some answers.

The Masterplan

Detailed plan

Phasing Plan

South Elevation

Ground Floor Plan

First/Second Floor Plan


3 Responses to Lightwoods Plans

  1. viv says:

    Does any one know when the new lamposts in lightwoods park will be turned on?, we walked back from the Local on Friday , Frighteningly dark and muddy on the pathway.

  2. Paul Reece says:

    Hello, when are we filling the beautifully designed new water feature with water? It’s becoming a little bit untidy with rubbish and could become a great wildlife attraction. Would feel really special if the bridge actually crossed water. Thank you

  3. Bob says:

    Paul, I’m not sure but I think the area was originally intended to be a natural ‘sink’ area, because it was always prone to flooding., but during the drier months it will likely dry up. When the restoration work finishes I understand there will be someone who maintains the Shakespeare Garden and the park.

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