Vintage in the Park

Two new vintage fairs in Lightwoods Park…


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  1. keithbracey says:

    I have just seen on BBC1’s Midlands Today that Black Country Touring Theatre Company will be performing a piece on the memories of Black Country folk of their holidays at British seaside resorts in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s at Lightwoods Park…..NO dates or further information were given as it was mentioned almost as an aside by MIdlands Today presenter Nick Owen…..

    Could we have some more information on this please?

    This theatre event about the Black Country and its people has NOT been publicised at all on all the usual Social Media outlets like this Bearwood Blog and the Bearwood Page on Facebook…..

    I would love to know more as we build up to the reopening of the regenerated and refurbished Lightwoods House ‘sometime this summer’….

    Again with the delay and NO information as to why there has been such a long delay with the reopening, which is definitely NOT the best marketing of such an important event for the town of Bearwood in my opinion……

    I went around the almost finished newly refurbished and updated Lightwoods House nearly two months ago now with Sandwell Council Officer Julia Morris and STILL NO NEWS as to when the relaunch and reopening of Lightwoods House is to happen….?

    I realise that there may be ‘snagging issues’ with the handing over of the completed building but surely the ideal time to reopen Lightwoods House would have been the Bearwood Festival last weekend to give some momentum…..?

    I say this as a former marketing professional who feels that Bearwood and Lightwoods House in particular is somewhat ‘hiding it’s light under a bushel’ in delaying the reopening…..

    Of course there may be issues that I am not party to or am unaware of but hey Sandwell Council…..come on us Bearwood folk have waited long enough for the reopening of Lightwoods House…….one of THE most important days in Bearwood’s long history…..Keith Bracey

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