The circus is in town…

Setting up today in Lightwoods Park…


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11 Responses to The circus is in town…

  1. John foley says:

    When is it open

  2. Bob says:

    2pm and 6pm until 10th April

  3. Ross carpenter says:

    And have you seen the state of the park now the circus has gone ????

  4. Bob says:

    I’m not sure the circus could have controlled the deluge which came down as they were leaving, necessitating using a heavy tractor to move some vehicles, but they are paying to have the remedial work carried out. It is anticipated that in a few weeks the park will be back to normal, and a few thousand people will have enjoyed the circus.

  5. David Vines says:


    So with less than two weeks passed since the circus destroyed Lightwoods Park we have woken up this morning to find that you have allowed the fair to return and no doubt do exactly the same.

    Why spend all the money on the restoration of Lightwoods House and the surrounding park when you are allowing the rest of the park to be destroyed?

    It is unfair on the houses that overlook the park to have the constant stream of tacky fairs we have to put up with, with little or no notice.

    The noise from the rides and generators is a constant nuisance. Not to mention the chaos that is caused by people parking/blocking all of the surrounding roads.

    The park needs time to recover from the disgraceful mess that it was left in by the circus and the Council should be ashamed of themselves for allowing another event so soon.

    No thought or consideration for the residents who overlook this park has been given.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  6. Richard , chair of the friends of Lightwoods Park and House says:

    David, the fair is the same fair that comes into the park every May Day. They are a Sandwell Family who employ Sandwell families, they like ourselves had no control over the mess the circus left and they themselves had guys working on the site last week to repair the ground that the circus left in such a state. They definitely will leave the ground in a much better condition than when they entered I can assure you of that

  7. David Vines says:


    It may well be the same fair that comes each year but in previous years the park hasn’t been destroyed in the two weeks leading up to it.

    The total efforts to repair the park so far have been to roller the areas that were left as trenches by the tractor the fair used.

    The ground hasn’t had anywhere near enough time to repair itself and will be ruined for many months.

    The May fair should have been moved elsewhere to allow time for the grass to re-grow and to allow the residents a little bit of a break from the noise and traffic that the fair creates.

    It may well be a Sandwell resident who employs Sandwell residents but they are well able to do that on another Sandwell public space for a change.

    The council should be more considerate when planning these events and quite frankly the “Friends of Lightwoods Park and House” should be looking after the best interests of the Park!

  8. Richard says:

    David,I take on board your comments , however the damaged areas are now fenced off and will be repaired by the fairground operators whilst on site. During the weekend which is the busiest time they will be using the extension for car parking to relieve issues around the park . The reality of it is we have a maximum of 4 events per year in Lightwoods currently, by any stretch of the imagination that isn’t too many

  9. Jo Bevan says:

    I agree with David re the undesirability of the fair. Have you realised that 3 Oak trees at the top of the middle path have been damaged. There is clear evidence that the people at the fair have used chains around the trees to drag their vehicles off the park. If you ring bark a tree like this they stand a good chance of dying. How valuable are these oak trees that are hundreds of years old and how can they be ‘repaired’? A very poor show.

  10. Richard says:

    Jo, I need to correct you, it was the Circus that did this to five trees not three. We have had the trees checked out by Councils Tree Surgeon and he confirms they are ok, just. Thankfully

  11. David Vines says:

    The fair didn’t exactly improve the state of the park like you suggested they would did they Richard. All they did was extend the area of damage.

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