Pictures from inside Lightwoods House

We’ve had a few inquiries about progress with the restoration project inside Lightwoods House. It is still very much in the ‘building site’ stage at the moment and it isn’t possible to obtain proper access, although when it is possible it is hoped to allow people to get in on an organised tour to take a look.

However, Julia Morris has been inside and sent some photographs showing some of work underway.

Obviously with a need to wind and weatherproof the House the roof has been a priority and this picture shows the work taking place to restore the roof timbers…

This picture shows a number of conservation roof lights have now been installed to replicate originals.

Interestingly, the picture below shows a section of ceiling wallpaper of William Morris design uncovered on the first floor in a false ceiling, it is currently thought that this would have been the ceiling of a second wardrobe in the master bedroom.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.40.43


And this picture shows where the floorboards have had to be removed because of dry rot.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.53.55

Julia said, “Whist I appreciate these photographs may not be the most exciting, they do reflect where we are at the moment. I will try and find some points of interest for a further update in the next week or two and as events are starting to take shape there should be plenty to post about in July and August I will keep you updated.”

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3 Responses to Pictures from inside Lightwoods House

  1. Thank you for the update. Very exciting indeed! Looking forward to the next one and good luck with the works!

  2. Jenny Pugh says:

    You’re wrong I’m afraid, Julia – they’re very exciting! Thanks for taking the trouble to snap them and share with us.

  3. hazel shipton says:

    everyday when i walk passed lightwoods house i can see the progress from the park area to the house always full of workers,the roof and chimmeny pots are stunning even the pointing in the brickwork well done to all concerned

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