The restoration project at Lightwoods Park and House has now officially started!!!

The Lightwoods Park and House restoration contractors Fairhurst Ward Abbotts (FWA) will be carrying out all of their tree removal works in advance of the physical restoration works on site meaning that tree felling and surgery will be taking place from this week.

Please find attached the latest tree removals drawing which shows you what trees are being felled and where in the park. The key on the drawing shows the nature of, and reason for, the works, as cross referenced with the Midland Forestry Tree Survey which recommended a number of tree removals for safety reasons. Please note that the design related works already have Planning, HLF and Board approval and were displayed / discussed during consultation and briefing meetings over the 12 months. Most of the design decisions are to correct historically inappropriate planting over the years. A number of trees are being removed as they conflict with proposed built structures (such as the stable-yard wall, the Historic Courtyard and extension footpath near the fountain).

Please note that whilst it may appear that there are a lot of trees being removed there is a replanting plan for the park during the contract which will offset removals undertaken now. Please note however that the tree planting in the park will not take place until near the end of the contract in early-mid 2016 as soft landscaping is the last thing the contractors will do before they complete their works on the park and house.

If there are any queries with regard to these works please contact the Project Officer, Cherie O’Sullivan on

This plan is now displayed in the park notice boards for those without internet access.



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