Dog damage happening again


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1 Response to Dog damage happening again

  1. Peter Chaplin says:

    These signs asking for help to find out who is damaging the trees have gone up VERY late.
    I walk my dog around this park every day and I remember being stopped by a park keep last year asking me if I had seen anyone damaging the trees. At that time only the tree in the poster and two others had been attacked. I suggested to him then, the best call would be to put a reward for successful prosecution sign up. With all the people at the skate park I was sure someone would snap a photo of the person responsible with their mobile. I am sure it happens in the evening

    Since these posters have gone up I have noticed more and more trees damaged and destroyed.

    Also why don’t the park protect newly planted trees better. I was in a park in Cambridge where all the new trees had a simple strong four post frame around them for protection. Even Warley Park has protect some trees with fencing…

    And one last thing why remove the security camera by the skate park…since its removely the graffiti has gotten out of hand.

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