Weddings in the Park!

(Via Enjoy Bearwood)

On the day we are expecting the biggest snow fall of the year we would like to bring a Ready Brek glow to your souls with the following little story…….

On the 16th August 1894, Miss Julia Adkins and the Rev Henry Tilley were married and unified two families that were to help shape and create Bearwood. Amongst their VIP guest list were people that have a significant link to Smethwicks Industrial History, like Mr and Mrs Keen, Mr and Mrs Nettlefold, Mr and Mrs Kenrick. Also on this list were the Chamberlain family, who had serious links to the poltical history of our country. St Mary's church was built because of this union and was where this couple said their vows, with the reception being held at The Lightwoods House.

Now you may be wondering what relievance this has but after the Adkins family left, Alexander Chance set up a committee to save the house and park from developers and in 1902, after raising money and purchasing it for £11,500, handed it to Birmingham City Council for use for the people of the city and beyond.

Fast forward to present day, this week, and what we believe to be another historic stepping stone on the pathway to the full renovation of this beautful house and parkand. It is proposed that in a few years members of the public will be able to follow in the footsteps of Julia and Henry, along the famous corridors of this house as a married couple. In the meantime, couples can now get married in Lightwoods using our beautiful bandstand which is now licensed for ceremonies.

The first wedding has now being booked for Friday 24th May 2013, with local couple Maria and Lee (pictured here in Lightwoods Park) being the first members of the public ever to get married in Lightwoods Park. We know its taken over 110 years… but we are sure that Alexander Chance would approve!


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One Response to Weddings in the Park!

  1. Jenny says:

    My fiancé and I were only saying yesterday that we’d love to get married in the bandstand. Could you please tell me how we go about it? Many thanks, Jenny

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