Tree felling

As part of the woodland management regime, the council will be thinning the trees in the densely wooded area at the corner of the park near the Lightwoods Hill/Wigorn Road junction. This area of woodland is overplanted and as part of good woodland management it is recommended to thin the trees ensuring the healthiest grow to their full potential (this will mean approximately 20 trees will be felled in this area).


This small woodland within Lightwoods Park contains trees of the same age, so there is a canopy of the same height, casting a shadow that prevents ground flora and many trees are competing for sunlight and are losing small branches. An added benefit of thinning is that the dark, barren understorey will regenerate and a woodland wildflower area will establish itself over time with additional bulb planting during the lottery project.


The replanting of native trees is part of the Restoration Project under the Heritage Lottery's Parks for People programme, and Sandwell MBC’s, Parks and Countryside Management Services, are submitting a Round 2 Application in February 2013.


Kind regards,


Cherie O’Sullivan

Lightwoods Park Project Officer

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3 Responses to Tree felling

  1. rod says:

    Thanks Cherie for making our area beautiful again!

  2. David Jones says:

    Any chance the tree surgeons could leave the logs chopped and ready for collection by local residents who have wood burning stoves (like me)? Always after wood.

  3. Cherie says:

    Thank you Rod for your kind words.

    Hi David,
    Please email me on so I can let you know about this.
    Kind regards,

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