Consultation Roadshow Results

Displays toured Bearwood, Smethwick, Harborne and Quinton for a week from 1 to 7 October 2012 and 7 staffed events were also run during this period. We estimate that over 400 people attended the events and viewed the proposals and we have had an amazing response with 260 surveys completed. This level of response is incredibly high and will help demonstrate to Heritage Lottery Fund how important the project is locally.

The headline findings include:
Overall support for the proposals stands at an average of 9.2 out of 10.

Almost 9 out of 10 people (89.2%) rated their support as either 8 out of 10 or greater and almost two-thirds of respondents (63.7%) gave their support for the proposals as 10 out of 10.

The most popular improvements are managing the trees and new planting; improving the setting for the bandstand; improving the events space; keeping the open aspects of the park and creating a new children’s play area.The least popular improvement (with 66.4% support) is changes to the footpath layout including new footpath links.

Providing a café and public toilets are the most popular suggestions for Lightwoods House. Providing commercial office space and computer training are the least supported proposals, however over 92% of respondents supported the overall mix of community, training, private hire and commercial use.

There was some support for a small increase in the number of larger scale events in the park, although some residents did express concern about noise and car parking issues.

We also received a large number of other comments which are currently being reviewed.

A more detailed report of the findings is available here.

Next Steps

Sandwell Council and the design team would like to thank everyone for providing their views and comments. The proposals will continue to be worked up in more detail prior to a submission to Heritage Lottery Fund in February 2013. The next newsletter will provide an update on progress before then.

Further Information

For more information on any aspect of the project please contact Cherie O’Sullivan, Lightwoods Park Project Officer on 0121 569 4740 or via email

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