Wanted! Your views!

The Lightwoods Park and House Restoration proposals are live today and can also be viewed here:


This goes to the web page with explanatory text, links to the 3 panels and a link to the survey.

Please can we ask people to fill out a survey if they wish to look at the plans using the link above as obtaining feedback on the proposals is critical to the Lightwoods Park and house lottery bid!

In addition to viewing the plans online we are encouraging people to attend the consultation roadshow (dates as per poster uploaded onto the blog) where they can talk to members of staff and provide us with even more feedback! The local community's views are important to us!

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6 Responses to Wanted! Your views!

  1. David Lewis says:

    How do I propose for the Cafe part please?

  2. Cherie O'Sullivan says:

    Please email me your details as I am keeping a record of interested parties for when it goes out to tender.my email address is: cherie_osullivan@sandwell.gov.uk as soon as I have more information I will contact you.many thanks for your interest.cherie

  3. David Lewis says:

    Good afternoon,my name is David Lewis and I am owner of Home to Home Cooking in Warley/Bearwood area. Very interested in running a cafe during the day and a small bistro in the evening at Lightwoods Park. My plan would also include devoting one day per week to cooking lessons for parents of low income families, where they will learn recipes on a budget and then have the chance to sell their wares, with all profit going back to them.I am a very big believer in working within the community you live in, and having moved here in May of this year, I feel the time is right to offer my skills and aptitude. Kind regards David LewisHome to Home Cooking9 Castle Road EastB68 9BH

    Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 19:50:03 +0000 To: hometohomecooking@hotmail.co.uk

  4. Bob says:

    David, get in touch with Cherie via e-mail as she suggests.


  5. john says:

    There are a lot of open grass areas. I would like to see more trees on open land. not a lot just ever ten feet or more. and around the sports fields. at the moment the open land is just grass. England use to be full of trees. in the 1700 and on, they cut most trees down to build ships. the crown had to stop people cutting to many trees down. their is a record of Halloween abbey getting a fine for cutting to many trees down. So let give back the Trees and make England beautiful again please. you could get schools to help plant trees. that way you can teach kids the value and history of trees.

  6. David Lewis says:

    My plan, if I get it, is to not only run free cooking lessons but also to then allow those trainee’s to sell their wares in the Cafe/Bistro,maybe having a senior citizen’s night, with all monies going back to them. Looking for local independent companies to supply the food. I have only been in Bearwood/Warley since May but love the place and not only want to set up my own business but also give something back to the community. I would also be looking for local people in the community to come along and volunteer their skills, maybe grow a herb garden etc.

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