Annual General Meeting

Hi Everyone,
Its been a year since the Friends of Lightwoods Park and House committee was formed.  The park has been very busy with lots of great events,  thank you for all that were involved in these. We know there hasn’t been a lot to report on the house over this period but now the consultants are in place and draft plans have been drawn up it is becoming a very exciting time.

The Friends of Lightwoods Park and House AGM will take place on:

Tuesday 28th August 2012

at 6.00pm

 St Marys Church Hall.

All welcome.

 During this meeting we will need to elect a committee to take the Park and House forward for the following year. Many thanks to the outgoing committee members who have kept things moving forward over the last year. They are:
  • Chair – Richard Marshall
  • Vice Chair – Sophie Tobin
  • Secretary – Marie Marshall
  • Treasurer – John Peacock
  • Marketing and Communications – Bob Piper
  • House Officer – Carol Bowsher
  • House Officer – David Yates
  • House Officer – Jo-ann Lloyd
  • Events Officer – Rhys Bullivant
  • Events Officer – Jess Langston
  • Events Officer – Lucy Marshall
  • Youth Officer- Jake Lupasco
  • Youth Officer – Sally Millison
  • Youth Officer – Sandra Tyrell
  • Horticultural Officer – Angie Tomlinson
  • Horticultural Officer – Paul Peacock
Of those, 3 members of the committee have indicated they will not be seeking re-election.
Jo-ann Lloyd – House Officer
Sandra Tyrell – Youth Officer
Lucy Marshall – Events Officer

On behalf of the Committee I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra, who is leaving the area, Lucy who is going to university and Jo-ann who has other commitments, for all their hard work over the past year.

Nominations are now sought for any of the posts on the Committee
Self Nomination
Anyone wishing to sit on the committee needs to self nominate by 14 days before the AGM by forwarding their names and position of interest  to by 5pm on 14th AUGUST, any nominations received after this date will not be accepted.

If, following the close of nominations it is necessary to hold a ballot, that will be done on the night at the AGM.

Anyone wanting details about what is involved in any of the positions on the committee, do not hesitate to contact me.
We are a proactive committee and do lots of volunteer hours for the betterment of the park. We have numerous events planned for the coming months and on behalf of the present committee, Richard, Chair of Lightwoods Park and House, would like to thank all committee members for the personal time they have given up, and everyone who has given up time either helping out with events or just visiting the park,
Thank you.

Marie Marshall

Secretary, Friends of Lightwoods Park and House

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