Plans for horticultural project in Lightwoods Park

The horticultural centre which is currently based at Redhouse Park in Great Barr is set to move to Lightwoods Park within the next few months. The project run by Adult Services will consist of 3 polytunnels, a shed and a container which will be used as an office base.  It will be relocated to Lightwoods Park in the car park/depot area – it will take up half the area (the area nearest the Shakespeare Gardens) and will be fenced off separately and closely monitored by CCTV.

The aim of the project is to grow plants for commercial purposes, for Lightwoods Park and for Bearwood In Bloom.  Adult Services has a Horticulture training provision which sells its products including hanging baskets…profits are reinvested into the provision which is delivered by adults with disabilities/mental health issues.

Here are some photographs of what will be moving to Lightwoods, and a plan showing whereabouts in the park it will be located.

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3 Responses to Plans for horticultural project in Lightwoods Park

  1. Hope this project will not be a direct competition with local business.

  2. Michael says:

    It is a pity that the map is not clearer to enable tir3ed eyes to read it!!

  3. Bob says:

    The constraints of the blog I’m afraid Michael. There are larger versions on the notice boards in the Park.

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