What a year!

What a year for Lightwoods Park – wow!

I have to say its been fantastic to see the transformation of what was a neglected and very under used park to what is now a busy, bustling park that is full of life and part of the local community.

This achievement is not only down to Sandwell Council who took ownership of the park in November 2010 but mainly to the local community who have most definitely took the park under their wing and have helped it on its way to being at the heart of Bearwood.

In summary, (and please forgive me and add to this if I leave anything out) we have seen a new state of the art skate park installed (the first and only one in Sandwell), a new tennis court and games area, the house is in a stable condition and is lit up and looks a pretty sight by night, we have managed to formally constitute a Friends Of Lightwoods Park and House Group of which we have around 500 members – so astonishing! We have seen a number of events happen in the park which have all been very well attended, namely, the May Day Celebrations (coming to the park again in 2011 – put it in your diaries), a jazz concert, two great Bearwood Shuffle events and of course the spectacular Bearwood On Ice – another first in Sandwell – I would like to express a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the event – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Talking about volunteers we also have run two volunteer days in the Shakespeare Gardens – see photos – it now looks neat, tidy and lovely! Most importantly we have also been successful in attaining the Stage 1 grant from the Parks For People Hertiage Lottery Award and are now in a position to employ consultants and move forward with community consultation and developing a master plan for the future plan for the park and house – its all very exciting!

I feel so proud and priveledged to be the Lightwoods Park Project Officer, for Sandwell Council.

This project is going to be totally amazing and together we will achieve great things!

So, now that the heritage lottery boards are up in the park (see photos) the next phase of the project has commenced……..!

Cherie O’Sullivan

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One Response to What a year!

  1. Michael says:

    Simply, Well Done

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