Lighting up and securing the House

During the course of next week phase 1 of a new security system will be installed around Lightwoods House.

It will include closed circuit tv cameras and up-lighters to light the facade of the House. These works should be completed before next weekend.

The system worth over £4 thousand, and it has very kindly been donated by a local resident who loves the park and wants to do as much as he can to help out the area in general.

So it’s a great big thank you to Ben Purewal and to his company E~Consulting Ltd.

Richard Marshall
Chair, Friends of lightwoods Park and House

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2 Responses to Lighting up and securing the House

  1. alan west says:

    Well done BEN! ! What a great bloke

  2. Cherie O Sullivan says:

    I would like to also give my thanks to Ben who has been extremely generous with the donation of CCTV cameras and lighting for Lightwoods House. He has also offered great advice and has been influential in moving developments forward. It is so pleasing to see how many local residents want to see Lightwoods Park and House restored to their former glory – exciting times to come!!!

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