Apologies for the quality of the poster, but it’s all I could get, and I have no details other than what is on the poster I’m afraid.

Update: Details via Cherie:
The list of equipment on the Lightwoods – Sandwell by the Sea attraction is as follows:
Caterpiller train ride
Flying jumbos tea cups
Toy set merry go round
Paddle boats
Bunge trampolines
Soft play centre – inflatable space shuttle, inflatable giant slide bouncy castle
Hook a duck stall
Mini golf course
Refreshment trailer
Sand pit.

The price of the tokens are 80p each or 7 for £5, 16 for £10.
The rides and inflatables are 1 token each, the paddle boats are 2, the bungee trampolines are 3, the sand pit is free and entrance is free.

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  1. elvis says:

    There’s even a carvan site !

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