Friends Meeting – management committee elected!

What a fantastic meeting last night! Hooray, we now have a fully constituted Friends of Lightwoods Park and House who will assist Sandwell Council in driving the redevelopment and rejuvenation of Lightwoods Park and House forward!

Cherie O’Sullivan, Events and Projects Officer, would like to thank all of the Friends of Lightwoods Park and House for all of their help and support over the last few months in supporting Sandwell Council with the Heritage Lottery bid for Lightwoods Park. We have some very exciting times ahead, but first we need to work on the development phase of the project and as ever your input into the future of the park is crucial.

The management committee for the Friends of Lightwoods Park and House was announced last night and the lead officers are as follows:
Chair – Richard Marshall
Vice Chair – Sophie Tobin
Secretary – Marie Marshall
Treasurer – John Peacock
House Officers – Carol Bowsher and Jo-ann Lloyd
Youth Officers – Sandra Tyrrell and Sally Millinson, Rhys Bullivant and Alex Bruce
Events Officers – Lucy Marshall, Sam Jukes and Jake Lupasco
Horticultural Officers – Angela Tomlinson, Sally Dunne and Jo Bruce
Marketing and Communications Officer – Cat Price

Congratulations to all those on the committee, we all look forward to working with you.


Cherie O’Sullivan
Events and Projects Officer

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2 Responses to Friends Meeting – management committee elected!

  1. phil heaton says:

    Really exciting news. I love this park!
    Please advise – Did the council produce the Stage 1 Lottery bid or was it done by consultants? whta was the name of the consultant?

  2. David Brown says:

    The application was produced by SMBC Parks and Countryside Service.

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