Lottery Bid Timetable

David Brown, Sandwell Council’s Development Manager for parks, explains that although the Heritage Lottery Fund bid has cleared the first hurdle, the Council are preparing for the long-run in Lightwoods Park.

Lightwoods Park Regeneration Project Update

Based on a number of other lottery projects that I have been involved in. I am taking this opportunity to advise people on the potential timescales for future lottery works associated with Lightwoods Park.

The ongoing (revenue) maintenance of the park such as Grounds Maintenance litter collection basic repairs and maintenance to the fabric of the park will continue.

However the regeneration of the park and house (capital) is subject to meeting the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant conditions set out in the contract between HLF and Sandwell Council. The purpose of the grant is to add additional money to that made available by the Council. The successful HLF award means the regeneration programme moves into what lottery call stage 2 and the lottery stage 2 rules apply. We already have a good understanding of stage 2 rules from similar projects.

Stage 2 has a maximum period of 27 months, however we want to get the second round back to lottery by 31st March 2013.
Lottery will allocate a monitoring officer to ensure the grant conditions are adhered to.

The Council will be required to commission professional services (Architects/Landscape Architects) through advertising across the European Union this is known as OJEU. At the same time we are required to advertise and appoint a Project Officer because lottery will pay for part of the salary. (Lottery will not fund Sandwell MBC staff) The timescale for this is 5 months; 3 months advertisement as a legal minimum then 2 months evaluation and appointments.

It is anticipated the landscape and architectural design works up to stage 2 will take 15 months. Add the 5 months for commissioning works this takes the time scale to 20 months. After this time the stage 2 detailed designs are then submitted to lottery for consideration and approval.

With the above in mind it is anticipated the actual construction/works in the park will start towards the end of 2013.

Summary programme
1. Invite Expressions of interest: from professional services early July 2011
2. Evaluation of professional services to produce shortlist end August 2011
3. Out to tender to consultants mid September 2011
4. Tender submission to be returned: mid October 2011
5. Interview short listed consultants: end October 2011
6. Consultant selected and all notified of success or failure: 2011
7. Appointment of Consultant team: early December 2011
8. Lead in/commission commence: mid December 2011
9. Procurement of surveys and investigations mid December 2011
10. Review surveys/investigations March 2012
11. Stage C design & review June 2012
12. Conservation management plan end Aug 2012
13. Detail design to stage D & review January 2013
14. Planning / listed building application submission end of January 2013
15. Part one of commission completed and all documents submitted to Client.
16. Client submit Stage 2 documentation to HLF 31st February 2013
17. On site construction works start September 2013
18. Anticipated project completion is 2015.

David Brown
Development Manager (Green Spaces)

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2 Responses to Lottery Bid Timetable

  1. bk says:

    is there any further information regarding the professional services required and also the structure of the committee and how this is formed?

  2. Bob says:

    For details of the professional services, contact Cherie O’Sullivan via:

    The information on the structure is contained in the constitution, which you can read on the ‘Friends’ Page (above).

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