Mayday in the park

Thousands basked in the sunshine to enjoy the mayday festival in Lightwoods Park. (More pictures here).

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10 Responses to Mayday in the park

  1. Steve Eling says:

    It is estimated that over 10,000 people came to the park today. We know that there were over 1,000 cars parked on the extension (I didn’t realise that it would hold that many cars).

    So, what a fantastic day. There was something for everyone. I was really pleased for our local BMXers; the contractors told us it would be finished in time, and they were right. They were so pleased. So often our teenagers feel that they are left out, now I hope that they feel that they at centre stage.

    Our young people were also there from the St Mary’s Youth Club with their stall doing tea, coffee and soft drinks, and did a roaring trade.

    I spent a lot of time around the park and spoke to many people. What came over to me was the Bearwood community coming together for something that we really care about. It feels to me like the same sort of enthusiasm that we have for Warley Woods.

    I spent a couple of hours on the Warley Woods stall as well, and was pleased with how many people visited and their appreciation about what great local parks we have and the potential for things to be even better.

    To be blunt, we don’t know how lucky we are. We have two local wonderful parks, both were allowed to go to ruin. We have now rescued them both. Warley Woods is now judged one of the best parks in the country, run by Warley Woods Community Trust; and Lightwoods Parks rescued by Sandwell Council with support from the local community.

    I must praise Cherie from Sandwell Council for all her work to make the day happen and all the staff that were on duty. There were also numerous volunteers that helped with everything.

    I also want to praise our local neighbourhood police team. I’m told that after the cuts to police budgets, the neighbourhood teams are no longer paid to work bank holidays, so they were all there on a voluntary basis.

    So, all round, what a commitment to Bearwood.

  2. Ceri says:

    It was a great day Steve, and you are right about the community spirit – so many people said that to me on the day.
    Lots of people asking if it will become a regular fixture…..!

  3. John footman says:

    Hello, had a great afternoon at lightwoods park on Monday. Just a quick note to suggest you might think of having more catering vans next time, as we had to queue for ages. Apart from that, well done, can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Bob says:

    John, i couldn’t disagree, but I think the numbers who turned up took everyone by surprise.

  5. Steve Eling says:

    I’m sure we will carry on with the Mayday event. We’ll be having a de-brief on the event to look at what worked, what didn’t and what could have been better.

    I agree that we could have done with more catering, and we could have had more toilets too. I know the catering vans had to order in extra supplies to get through the day. I think this is all down to the number of people, estimated at over 10,000 being far in excess of what was expected.

  6. Cherie O Sullivan says:

    I did book another two catering vans for the day but both cancelled on me at the last minute so sorry for those who had to wait in long queues! Glad everyone had a great day though.

    I thought the event was fantastic and was so proud to see so many people in the park and so many people smiling! At last Lightwoods Park has been rejuvenated with life! I have to say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped me book activities before the event such as the maypole dancing which was super – thank you Lightwoods Primary School – and the Morris dancing!

    I also want to say a HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers who helped me manage the event on the day and ensured it all ran so smoothly (including the volunteers/Friends of Lightwoods Park who helped put the marquees up and litter picked all day and Michelle on the skate park), I couldn’t have done it without you.

    I want to say a special thank you to Richard Marshall who helped with both the organisation of the day and throughout the day and a special thank you to my boyfriend Pete who has been so supportive and has also worked hard on the event from designing the posters to being my right hand man on the day!

    What an amazing May Day Celebration at Lightwoods Park!

  7. Bob says:

    But most of all, as everyone who was involved with the event knows, a gigantic vote of thanks to Cherie who worked tirelessly on a very limited budget and a tight timescale to make the event the success it was.

  8. Caroline says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I would just like to say what a great day and how nice it was to see a park in my local area so busy.

    Re the catering I did speak to Cherie about a week beforehand and was told the event was fully booked. Sorry your other caterers let you down, we’re a Bearwood based mobile catering company and would love to be involved in any future projects.

    Everyone I know had a great day, wish there were more events like this locally. Well done to all involved!
    Thought the day was great,

  9. Mark says:

    The day seemed to be a great success, well done.

    In response to Caroline, if two other caterers had cancelled at short notice, I’m surprised that the organizers didn’t contact you to see if you were still available.

    Personally I attempted to have my own Gazebo there to advertise my Bearwood based online vertical blind business, . I was told initially that it would not be a problem, only to be told an hour or so later, “Sorry were full”.

    On arrival at Lightwoods Park around 11 am I saw in my opinion acres of space where my gazebo would have fitted quite comfortably?

    This also happened to me with Warley Woods Trust, “Picnic in the park”, who told me “you cant use the Woods to advertise a commercial enterprise?

    My question is, are both Lightwoods Park and Warley Woods Trust both “closed shops”?

  10. richard says:

    I’d like to second Bobs comments- Cherie you did an amazing job irrelevant that you had a small budget and limited time to organise it all. I think I can speak for most the volunteers in saying we did it because its ‘ours’ you were doing it because its your job but you did it with the passion of a local and I feel at some point we’ll have to make you a honorary Bearwoodian!!!

    Mark and Carol – I am sure Cherie wont mind me saying that ‘NO’ this wasnt a closed shop and Cherie strived to use as many local people as possible sometimes bending over backwards to accomodate their needs, we are sure as a first event we didn’t get everything right but given time I am sure those snags will be ironed out and each year Lightwoods will get bigger and better- Well Done ALL concerned!!!!!!

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