Invitation to a community-led consultation

What should happen in Lightwoods House for it to be a success for local people?

A workshop for local people, run by local people.

7pm-9pm on Wednesday 6 April at St Mary’s Church.

There have been a few meetings where we’ve had the opportunity to talk briefly about what we’d like Lightwoods House to be if the funding bid for the park is successful. Now is the time to explore different options in more depth and to find out how different ideas might work together.

The large group of people particularly interested in the House felt that this would be valuable when we last met at the Park meeting on 9th Feb and it was agreed that we’d get this organised! We hope that the ideas, views and information we collect will be useful to Sandwell Council, to the Friends Group when it is set up and to the community as a whole.

Who is this for?

You! All local people who have an interest in the future of Lightwoods House and Park, no matter how much or how little you have been involved before.

What will it be like?

Friendly! A practical workshop where we’ll look at plans for each floor of the house and, in small groups, work out how different services or activities might work in different areas.

You will also have the opportunity to list groups or individuals in Bearwood who can’t be at the workshop, but who should also be consulted, to make sure we are being as inclusive as possible. We’ll provide you with an update on our Council’s plans for the house and park too.

What will happen after this?

Lots! The local people running the session will write up the discussions and then we hope that we (and other volunteers) will be able to share this more widely at the Party in the Park on 2nd May and through other (many!) avenues. We hope to gradually build an accurate picture of what activities or services are emerging as the priorities for local people.

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3 Responses to Invitation to a community-led consultation

  1. Daniel Carins says:


    There are three new loan funds for renewable energy out this month – has there been any discussion on using the roof of the house for Solar PV, or other renewable energy (biomass heating? ground source heat pump under the bowling green?!)?

    I’m happy to sort out applications etc if the Friends Group and Council think it’s feasible: I suppose the issue with a loan is meeting the repayments if the technology turns out to perform worse than expected…

  2. Cherie O Sullivan says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for the information above and your queries. Sandwell MBCare looking into renewable energy as part of the restoration oft he house.
    I have been in correspondance with officers from the Council who are specifically dealing with the house and the HLF bid. Please see their responses below:

    Andrew Kilmurray – I’m already working with conservation around community centres. The authority are part of a consortia that are looking at setting up a social enterprise to fit alternative energy opportunities that will provide cheap power and when the investment is paid for make a profit.

    David Brown – Any considerations for use of renewable energy can be explored during the development stage – i.e. if we get an HLF award in June. We will commission professional services to explore all options and opportunities for building works.

    Hope this answers your questions.
    Regards, Cherie

  3. I currently own a Recruitment Business for the Education Sector placing local teachers into Sandwell Schools. I am currently based at home with one employee but am looking to expand to having around 3 – 4 employees. I would be very interested in having an office in Lightwoods House. I have grown up on Lightwoods Hill and now live near to Warley Woods and I have always wondered why the House isn’t being used in the community as it is in such a wonderful location. Please let me know if you are considering having small offices in there.

    Thank you.
    07921 586556

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