Progress report

Lightwoods House – report on works undertaken to 10th March 2011

– In early December 2010 we arranged for dry rot specialist to visit the house and
undertake an initial inspection of the fruiting body visible within room 26 on
the first floor.

– A quote was received for the from Haynes Manufacturing to cover the initial onsite inspection, a detailed report of the condition of all the timber within the building and the eradication of visible dry rot outbreak within room 26.

– These works commenced on Wednesday 8th December 2010
– During the initial eradication works we discovered a further 3 significant outbreaks which were concealed behind existing wall and floor finishes.
– These additional outbreaks were located as follows
1. between the floor and ceiling of rooms 19 and 25.
2. on the external wall of room 19
3. within the brickwork wall between rooms 19 and 20.

– The discovery of the above has resulted in a considerable amount of additional stripping out of the existing structure and on site burning, prior to chemically treating the remaining structure to ensure complete eradication of the dry rot. These works were eventually completed on the 11th Feb 2011.

– The initial sum covered works up to the 4th January 2011, a further order has been raised to cover works from 4-01-11 to 14-01-11, and another order to cover works from 14-01-11 to 11-02-11 and includes temporary floor reinstatements to rooms 25 and 26.

– Sandwell Conservation Officer has been consulted at every stage of this work, with regular meetings held on site to review progress.

– The dry rot specialist has recommended the use of de-humidifiers to dry out the property and spray treating the remaining timbers within the house to prevent any further outbreaks of dry rot as the house will be left in its
current state for some time, we have received costs for this work, however further discussions need to be held to agree extent of any further works on the property once the weather proofing works to the roof have been undertaken.

– During our initial surveys in November several areas were identified as dangerous and in need of immediate support to prevent imminent collapse and involved temporarily propping ceilings in rooms 19, 25 and 26, plus temporarily propping an ex oak beam in room 40, plus securing off access to room 4 because of flooring safety concerns etc. which were undertaken by Haynes manufacturing who were already on site and an order has been raised to cover this work.

– Future works
– Tenders have been sent out and returned for the Roofing repairs, installation of sytex boarding and security lighting and fencing. Tyrer Building Contractors were the lowest submitting a tender and have now been appointed.
– Works to commence on the 14th march 2011 and should be complete by 29th April 2011.

David Brown Development Manager

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One Response to Progress report

  1. Sally Taylor says:

    Thanks so much for the update – just what us locals wanted! It’s really good to be kept up to date and nice to see the work starting in the park. Exciting times!

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