Project Bid Breakdown

Courtesy of David Brown, here we have the outline headings and description for the Lightwoods Park/House project bid.

Repair and Conservation

Lightwoods House (Restoration of original building fabric – essentials)
Structural works (provision for structural repairs throughout)
Essential remedial works (general restoration/ repairs to bring up to good habitable standard – to EH requirements. HLF funding for historical restoration works Sandwell MBC funding the fit out works.
New service/ Utility infrastructure (total replacement)

Main Historical Entrances (vehicular/ pedestrian) comprising ornate gate/ pillars/ brickwork and granite sett threshold
From Bus Station (plus larger area of sett paving and re-orientation of planting beds and signage to bus station)
Historic entrance South East corner of Hagley Road West (plus visual enhancements visible from Road)
Restore entrance to existing enclosed walled area adjacent to Building off Adkins Lane

Secondary Entrances (pedestrian only) comprising ornate iron gates and pillars and granite sett threshold
From Galton Road )
From Galton Road ( – plus maintenance access gates)
From Southwest corner Hagley Road West
Entrance from Lightwood Hill (link to Warley Woods also comprising boundary treatment, resurfacing, tree/shrub clearance and replanting
Entrance from Adkins lane (plus maintenance access gates)
Recreate entrance at corner of Hagley Road West/ Galton Road (plus visual enhancements visible from Road)

Boundary Walls and Railings
Demolish existing wall and railings and rebuild with low wall (low retaining and new steel railings (period design) overall 2.1m high
Regrade boundary, topsoil seed 2.1m high period steel railings and mowing trim to remainder of the Hagley Road West to Galton Road 250m £200/lm
Regrade boundary, top soil seed , 2.1 m high period steel railings and mowing trim to both sides of Galton Road 240m £200/lm
Regrade boundary remove trip rail, topsoil seed, 2.1 m high period steel railings and mowing trim to Adkins Road, 281m @ £200/lm
Repair listed brickwall to Adkins Lane – adjacent Shakespeare Garden
Regarde boundary, topsoil seed, 2.1m high period steel railings and mowing trim to Hagley Road West of Galton Road 219m @ £200/lm

Historic Features
Restore Bandstand including restoration of stage railings, DDA access repairs to stage floor, and repair/ refurbishment of roof
Restore drinking fountain adjacent to Lightwoods House
Restore drinking fountain to Galton Road
Restoration of Bowling Green
Shakespeare Garden
Restoration of the central water feature
Re-surface footpaths and redefine path edges 282m x 2.4m width 700m 2
Re-define path edges 564m x £15
Replace Palisade fence with ornate railings 24m x £225
Restore flowerbeds
Remove selected trees
Make a good retaining wall
Restore sundial

Footpath Infrastructure
Widen primary paths (Traditional carriage route) to 3.0m and resurface 1123LM including : – new metal edgings/ 1.2m new construction/ patching existing/ new wearing course £40/lm
Resurface/ new edgings otherwise unaffected paths
New footpaths to complete circular walk to parkland 300lm x 2.2m 660m2 x £40m2 all incl

Tree Works
Removal of dead, diseased and dying trees
Remedial work to trees
New tree planting (assuming 250)

Annual bedding primarily to area around building near bus depot 200m2 x £40/m2
Victorian Ornamental Shrubs/ Herbaceous borders – to area adjacent to building/ car park and central area entrance 600m2 x £35/m2
Semi ornamental perimeter planting to screen former nursery incl top soild etc. 350m2 x £35/m2
Perimiter shrub planting to screen road and improve security 816lm x 2m wide 1632m2 x £15/m2
Bulb planting to parkland area

Electrical outlets for events incl service around the park supply prov sum

Playing Fields (Lightwoods extension)
Improve sward incl vertidraining/ sand dressing/ drainage prov sum

Former Nursery Area
Break out hard surfacing and remove from site 300m2 x 20m3 x £50
Topsoil 400m2 x 400mm depth for beds = 160m3 x £3,200
Access infrastructure 66m x 4m wide tarmac vehicular construction all inc £50/m2
Hard standing for greenhouses
New ornamental steel railings to internal boundary 40lm x £200
Internal maintenance access gates
Electrical supply connection
Water supply connection

Lightwood House
Uplighting to building, lighting to main pedestrian route to building and car park
Architectural internal layout reconfigurations
New build servery and toilet extension
Fire Protection upgrade
External wall insulation

Paved Café Terrace 300M2
Quality paving and edgings 250m2 x £75 all inclu.
Ornamental low railing enclosure 500lm x £200

Youth and Children’s facilities
play Area all inclusive but including relocation of existing equipment

Site Furniture
Entrance notice board/directional signage 10 entrances approx £2,500 per entrance
Interpretation/ information boards to main entrance by bus station
Directional signage within park – allow 15 finger post signs x £850
Emergency Access Signage
Youth/ play facilities signage
Accessible routes
General Parkwide seating allow for 25
Feature seating to main avenue and building allow for 15
Litter bins – allow 25 bins
Dog litter bins allow for 10

No other physical works

Included in other headings

Preliminaries @ 10% of capital works value

None Eligible Items
External Play Area for Children’s Services comprising 1.2m steel railing/ rubber safety surface and access 120m2/ 44m fence

Car Parking 40 spaces
Demolish existing boundary wall
Car park surface/ edgings including 4 nr disabled bays and providing service access to kitchen, circular route approx 1400 m2 x £45/m2 all incl
New wall and railing to boundary to match existing brickwork 81m x £325/m
Pedestrian paved area to Park via Archway and gate

Architectural and Landscape professional design and related services to RIBA stage D: 70% of total overall fee of 12%
Landscape Architect
QS Specialist advice
CDM Co-ordinator Hydrological advice
Structural Engineer Ecology advice
Civil Engineer Arborist – advice
Lighting Engineer Archaeologist advice/ watching brief
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Clerk of Works
Project Officer

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