Update on the Lottery bid

The  final version of the Stage 1 HLF application for Lightwoods Park Bearwood has been completed. There are a significant number of supporting documents that also go to support the bid   The application  was presented to SMBC Finance  on 24th February and approved for submission. The declaration has been signed and the documents are now with Heritage Lottery Fund Birmingham.

I want to take this opportunity to give a very special thank you to:

Sharon Danks (SMBC Technical Support Officer) for all the software conversions necessary to ensure this PDF document is completed. Converting xl finance sheets into word and then PDF is not easy. The text required writing in word doc and then converting, that involves reformatting the paragraphs.

Jeniffer Harrison SMBC Strategic Investment Unit for checking and editing the text.

Judith Wick SMBC Strategic Investment Unit for work on the finances to ensure the costs all add up and reflect the project.

Tony Deakin and the Urban Design Team (SMBC Landscape Architects and Architects) for all the work involved in the production of the extensive supporting technical information and original project costs.

Cherie O’Sullivan (SMBC Project Officer) for working with the Friends group and ensuring that documented community evidence is available for the application.

People of Bearwood for your comments and suggestions that have been included in the Stage 1 documents.

Given we only took management responsibility for the park in November 2010, the team above had 3 months to prepare and submit a £4.6m application.  

It is anticipated a decision will be made by the HLF Trustees Board in May with an announcement in June. If we are successful the £4.6m restoration of Lightwoods  Park and House will get the green light and we move into Stage 2.

David Brown

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3 Responses to Update on the Lottery bid

  1. Cherie O Sullivan says:

    Thank you for your kind comments David. Well done for getting it complete on time and for doing all the hard work. Thank you to the friends group and local residents who shared their thoughts, comments and memories of the park which have supported the application.
    Cherie (Parks Projects Officer).

  2. Great news! Can the bid be made public so that we can see what’s being planned and start to think about how we can contribute to the detail? There’s a lot of local people willing to put time into thinking about this stuff now, so that if the bid is successful at stage one we can hit the ground running with ideas and volunteers.

  3. David Brown says:

    Section 6 of the application does set out the broad headings with costs of what is being planned. I want to keep the detailed costs out of the public arena at this stage because it can be used by contractors bidding for works in the future and we would not get strong competative costs. I will try and extract the works into a list and remove the cost headings, then post here on the blog.

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