Meeting February 9th

Sally Taylor’s detailed notes of the meeting to establish a Friends of Lightwoods Park Group on 9th February, together with her record of the discussion which took place in the House group, can be read here.

Thanks once more to Sally for her hard work.

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4 Responses to Meeting February 9th

  1. Carol says:

    Many thanks for this update. As someone who has mobility problems, and also hearing impairment, it is extremely valuable to have such a detailed note of how things are developing.
    I think it is important that people like me do not get left out of this process – both in the planning & delivery of improvements as well as the future use of the park and its attractions.
    I have many skills & the enthusiasm to contribute, despite my disability 🙂

  2. Bob says:

    Quite right, Carol. People often talk about diversity but don’t take those people who may have disabilities into consideration. Feel free to use the comments section to remind us if we forget.

  3. Daniel Carins says:

    Thanks for the minutes, Sally.

  4. Carol says:

    Thanks Bob. Will do!

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