Community business for people with mental health and learning disabilities get to work on the Shakespeare Gardens

The return of Lightwoods Park to Sandwell Council has sparked an enthusiasm and interest from the local community who want to be involved in its restoration. Now, Groundbreakers Ltd, a local community group supported by the Council’s Adult and Community services, has come forward to offer their services in tidying up the Shakespeare Gardens.

The Shakespeare Gardens, opened in 1915, are a key feature of Lightwoods Park and contains specimens of plants mentioned by Shakespeare in his plays an sonnets. The Grade II listed Garden demonstrates topiary at its finest with ornamental shaped trees and bushes delighting amongst the plants and fruit trees.

Groundbreakers, who are working with the Head gardener from the Victorian garden at Sandwell Park farm, will be undertaking a major clean and tidy up of the Garden, clearing its pathways and pruning the plants and trees. They will also work to identify and label all of the plants in the Garden and help to prepare them for their spring/summer bloom.

Graeme O’ Malley, Employment Development Manager for people with disabilities, said “This is an exciting opportunity for Groundbreakers to be involved in the restoration of a beautiful garden and will showcase the horticultural and grounds maintenance skills that Groundbreakers has to offer. ”

Groundbreakers Ltd is a developing social enterprise that provides paid employment opportunities to adults with mental health issues and learning disabilities.

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