Good turnout for first ‘friends’ meeting

Over 70 people came along to St Mary’s Hall last night (Monday) to consider ways in which a Friends of Lightwoods Park group could operate.

Councillor Steve Eling welcomed everyone to the meeting and pointed out the fantastic response we have had from local people wanting to get involved in a Friends Group.

David Brown from the Council’s Park’s Department reported back from the consultation day and outlined some of the more immediate work that was being done to the House and Park.  He emphasised the importance of a Friends group to get support for a Lottery Bid.

In response to questions Steve Eling said that in the event of a lottery bid not being forthcoming we would still expect to make significant progress with the money identified by the Council, but it would take longer.

A lively debate broke out about the pros and cons of fencing the park, with some believing it would increase security, and others saying youngsters could feel trapped if they felt they couldn’t get out easily if need be.

One young woman made a plea for youngsters to be given a fair hearing, and to be involved in the decision making about things which affect them.

The meeting then broke up into groups talking around issues such as the Shakespeare Gardens, The House (the biggest group) Events in the Park and Youths and young people.

Councillor Steve Eling thanked people again for coming, said it had been a useful first session, and hoped people would come back to the next meeting in January when we could formally constitute a Friends of Lightwoods Park Group, an get an update on the progress of the Lottery bid.

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