Programmed improvements to park

For those of you unable to get to the meeting on Monday, these are some of the immediate improvements that Sandwell have set aside money for in this financial year.

  • Litter and dog litter bins – £4,200 set aside for new bins throughout the park
  • Benches – New benches throughout the park, and repairs to existing benches – £3,600
  • Park surfaces – repair to the broken surfaces near the drinking fountain and patching other broken baths – £3,000
  • Shakespeare Gardens – Topping and rolling the gravel paths £3,000 (some work on tidying up the gardens has already commenced)
  • Skate/BMX Park – Removal of the existing structure and replacement by new kit – £80,000
  • Secure boundary – installation of low level wooden bollards on Lightwoods Hill side of the park, to include a reminder about not feeding pigeons – £2,000
  • Multi Games/Tennis area – Putting a multi-use games area on one of the old tennis courts, and remarking the second court and fitting a steel net – £10,000
  • Skate Park Lights – Street lighting section investigating potential for lighting on the skate park area – £6,000

There are lots of other things that I am sure we are all aware of and have ideas about, and we will start that process on Monday, but this list is a pretty good start.

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