An update…

Just an update from the Council on the first week:

The contractors being paid for by Birmingham City Council are on site and finishing the clear out and boarding of the house. They should be complete early next week.

Adult services have organised a horticultural community group of people with learning difficulties to clear, tidy and prune Shakespeares garden. The Head gardener from the Victorian garden at Sandwell Park farm is advising them on the plants and how they should be cared for.

We have identified that a few young people are accessing the garden, John Satchwell has asked someone to see if anyhting can be done short term to increase security.

We have had several phone calls since the event, all positive, some calling our attention to potential issues and security.

Ben Purewel is the gentleman who owns the cctv company who wants to donate equipment. We have met and he is providing a design for the security of the house, garden and surrounding park.

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3 Responses to An update…

  1. Diane says:

    Good Morning Bob,
    Can something be done about members of the public leaving bread and other food items for pigeons that have taken up residency on Adkins Lane side of the park? Unfortunately, the food items encourages rats. Can Sandwell Environmental Health erect signs?


  2. Bob says:

    Thanks Di. You’re right. I wrote to Birmingham about 5 years ago about that and they didn’t even reply. I’ll get on to it.


  3. SallyT says:

    I wonder if there is another solution to the pigeon problem? In my experience in other areas it tends to be just a very few people who feed pigeons on a regular basis, because they enjoy it. Instead of more signage being put up (we already have so much on our streets already telling us what not to do…), I wonder if there are people around who see when the pigeons tend to be fed? If it is just a few (or even a couple?) of people, perhaps we could try talking to them and explaining the issue? I know this takes volunteers to hang around and approach people, but depending on how many are causing the problem this might not be too difficult. I’d volunteer and perhaps a few residents on Adkins Lane could help.

    And who knows, if the pigeon-lovers can’t do without their birds perhaps we could think about whether to include in park restoration plans an aviary like the one that used to be close to the house… I jest I suppose, but there were lots of people at the consultation on 13th Nov who were talking about it very fondly indeed. Perfect project for the pigeon-lovers…

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