The way we were…

I’ve just received some great photographs of Lightwoods House taken shortly before the last family to live there moved out. Here are a couple, including a beautiful shot taken from across the lake. There will be more on display at the open event on 13th November.

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3 Responses to The way we were…

  1. Stephen F says:

    Good heavens… it look idyllic. A contrast to some of the photos you put up on the Bearwood Blog some time back when the place was in ruins!

    Let’s hope the restoration of it brings back some of its old dignity.

  2. Mel says:

    Oh wow, that’s a stark contrast to how it looks today, I really hope that the restoration will be a success, it’s such a shame. Every time we walk past it breaks your heart.

  3. hazel shipton says:

    oh to restore it to its original form,similar to what they did at Haden Hall

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