Welcome to Lightwoods Park

This site has been set up to keep local people updated about developments around Lightwoods Park in Bearwood.

The park was left in charitable trust to Birmingham City Council in 1902, but in recent years has fallen into a steady decline as the City Council failed to provide sufficient funds to maintain it to a reasonable level. It is due to transfer under the control of Sandwell Council in late October/early November 2010, and a number of improvements are planned.

Obviously there is an urgent need for work on the Lightwoods House, and there is also work planned almost immediately on the skateboard/BMX area which is currently unsightly and dangerous.

But there is also scope for a wide range of improvements to the park and the House for community use. As councillors we are anxious to try to ensure that all sections of the community have an opportunity to contribute to what they feel are ways in which the park can be used and improved, not just councillors or those who shout the loudest. We are committed to seeing a ‘Friends of Lightwoods Park’ group established with the potential for sub-groups to consider uses for the House, the play and recreation areas, the bandstand and the parkland itself.

We are fully aware, particularly at a time of economic cutbacks, that the council cannot easily do everything that people would want to see, and that there will be competing pressures for whatever resources that are available. A Friends group would be a positive way of trying to gauge public opinion and assist in setting priorities.

You can log your interest in taking part in a Friends group by going to the Friends of Lightwoods Park page and leaving your details there. We will also be using other methods to contact people in the coming weeks and months, including a recruitment and consultation event in the park itself.

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